Enjoy 50% off on any handcrafted beverage with the purchase of a Summer Frappuccino at Starbucks.

Valid from 29th July 2016 to 12th Aug 2016.

The Mango Fruit Jelly Yoghurt Frappuccino harmoniously blends honey-citrus sweet Alphonso mango sauce with fresh yoghurt before it’s layered with rich Mango fruit jelly made with mango chunks.

The Strawberry Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino combines the tart flavours of yoghurt with sweet strawberry puree. Tying those flavours together is a welcome layer of strawberry jelly with strawberry bites.

Uniquely smooth, creamy and satiable, these handcrafted delights will undoubtedly add a tropical twist to your Starbucks experience.

  1. Discount valid only on Monday and Friday, 3pm to 6pm.
  2. This promotion is not applicable for Genting stores, Sunway Lagoon kiosk and no reward count will be accrued.

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