想不想在豪华航船上度假到泰国?现在买一送一噢! 从槟城Phuket再去Krabi享受那美丽的沙滩,蓝色洁净的海洋还有热情的居民不就是最棒的放松旅行吗?配套噢是4天2夜还有免费的从吉隆坡到槟城享受完后再把您送回吉隆坡的服务噢!完全不用烦怎样到槟城上船! 另外还有神秘礼物价值高达RM1,280噢!赶快订票吧,快拨至 03-92002929 (吉隆坡), 04-2290566 (槟城)

How about a holiday cruise on the Libra Superstar Star Cruise! From Penang to Phuket then to Krabi to enjoy the ocean, performances, dining and comfort stay on a cruise! Buy 1 Free 1 now for a 4 Days 3 Nights Cruise! with Free Shuttle from KL to Penang then back to KL and Mystery Gift worth RM1,280!

Valid until 30 September 2016

Call 03- 92002929 (KL), 04- 2290566 (Penang) for more information or reservation now!

More details: https://www.facebook.com/hwajingtravel/photos/a.249440770188.181365.50864300188/10154229755130189/?type=3&theater

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