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Confinement period or postnatal confinement is a special time for all mothers to have adequate rest after delivery in order to recuperate well. First time parenthood or if there is no one in the family who knows how to take care of newborn baby, the outcome can be very undesirable. Experience and patience are absolute necessary when taking care of baby. Having a good confinement nanny not only give parents a peace of mind, but she can cook nourishing food and share tips such as how to calm a crying baby or when to burp a baby. Confinement nanny agencies are able to help families with confinement nanny recommendation, ensuring the availability and arrival of the nanny on the first day. If you require stay-in confinement nanny, day time or part time confinement lady, you may want to enquire the following MOM-certified confinement nanny agencies.


Confinement NannySOS Pte Ltd

Confinement NannySOS
Address: 134 Jurong Gateway Road #04-309Q-1, Singapore 600134
Contact: +65 6817 2479


Confinement NannySOS is Singapore MOM Licensed Agency established since 2011. The agency provides confinement nanny and babysitting services for local families and expats. The confinement nannies are from Singapore and Malaysia which the agency will assist families to apply work permit for confinement nanny. The confinement nannies are pro-breastfeeding with at least 3 years experience taking good care of mothers and newborn babies. Part time babysitter or daytime nanny is available during working hours to help families look after the child if both parents need to go to work.


Josian Services

Josian Services
Address: 147A Selegie Road Singapore 188313
Contact: +65 9746 1883


Josian Services is Singapore MOM Licensed Agency offering confinement nanny services since 2008. The nannies are supportive of breastfeeding and selected based on their baby care experience and confinement food preparation knowledge. All their nannies will be issued with a Temporary Work Permit (TWP) for their assignments with a closely matched nannies to your requirements in order to minimize the need for a replacement nanny due to a mismatch.


Super Nanny Services

Supernanny Services
Address: 583 Orchard Road, Singapore 238884
Contact: +65 9751 1415


Super Nanny Services is MOM-licensed agency incorporated in 2012. They strive to give their best to their customers, taking into consideration each family needs. They have chinese and malay confinement nannies in their team who are from Singapore and Malaysia. The nannies provide help and advice to many first-time Mothers during their postpartum period where families can have assurance and peace-of-mind.


Confinement Angels Pte. Ltd.

Confinement Angels
Address: 339 Thomson Road S 307677
Contact: +65 8828 8415


Confinement Angels is MOM-licensed agency incorporated in 2014. All the nannies are from Malaysia with only stay in nannies. Half day nannies are not available. An accredited partner of Thomson Parentcraft Centre, Confinement Angels provides qualified confinement nannies to take care of mothers and newborn. The confinement ladies receive training based on Thomson ParentCraft Centre’s training syllabus in addition to 7 days of practical training. Mummies and babies are able to benefit from their professional care for a good postpartum recovery.


Jia Employment Services

Jia Employment Services
Contact: +65 9459 9830


Jia Employment Services is Singapore MOM Licensed Agency that provides confinement services since 2011. The agency also provides families with services for domestic helpers. The employment agency emphasizes on customer satisfaction, aiming to make motherhood transition easy for mothers. They would screen their confinement nannies for their knowledge in baby care, cooking skill, confinement food before matching them to your needs.

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