KTMB through its Electric Train Service (ETS) is introducing to you various special menu which is available in the ETS Buffet Coach with a reasonable promotion price with respect to the Chinese New Year Celebration

Combo CNY A  Fish Sweet Sour Steamed Rice/Black Sesame Green/Red Pepper/Diced Pineapple RM7.00 per set
Combo CNY B Black Pepper Chicken Egg Noodle Pak Choy Garlic Oil RM7.00 per set
Combo CNY C Chicken in Soya Sauce, Stamed Rice/ Black Sesame Red/Green Pepper Fried Dried Chilli RM7.00 per set
Combo CNY D Pau Kaya And Red Bean Pau RM6.00 All combo come wih mineral water
All price is inclusive 6% GST
All image is for illustration only.(Actual may vary with display)

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