Colouring Contest at Bio Silver Asahan Water Theme Park

19 March 2017, 10.00am

Terms and Conditions:

1.It is free to participate. It is open to all Tabika, Tadika, Taska and primary school children from the age of 4 to 12 years old.

  1. Each contestant is given a sketch to be coloured and is not allowed to use own drawing to colour.
  2. Colouring equipment shall not be provided by the organisers. All contestants are free to use any type or coloring materials.
  3. The time period allowed for the colouring contest is 1 hour only
  4. All contestant should stop colouring when the time period given is over. The organisers has the right to disqualify the participation if the contestant continues to colour after the time period is over.
  5. The organisers has the right to reject any contestant which does not meet or follow the requirements that has been fixed.
  6. Parents or Guardian is not allowed to enter the contest area to teach their children or otherwise their childrens participation shall be rejected.
  7. The safety of the contestant is the responsibility of the parents or guardian.
  8. The decision of the jury is final. Any appeal or complaints shall not be entertained.
  9. Completed participation forms should be sent before 15th March 2017

Any enquiries please contact: En Haziq 01126183477 email address:

*     Contestants shall receive a free ticket to the water theme park and cream bread from Gardenia

More details:

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