Want to meet and dine-in together with Afdlin Shauki?
Jom..here’s your chance so don’t miss it!

Contest runs from 3 April – 16 April 2017.

How to win:

  • Snap a photo of you enjoying SR Raspberry Cheese Cake.
  • Tag ONE(1) friend and write the most creative caption (in not more than 20 words): I wish to bring along ______ to meet Afdlin Shauki in person because ________________ .
  • Share the post in Instagram and Facebook. Hashtag #lifeissweet#raspberrycheesecake #secretrecipemy
  • Selected winners could bring along a friend who you have tagged and mentioned in the caption to dine-in with Afdlin Shauki.

*Terms And Conditions  Apply: https://goo.gl/sLZzcQ



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