Learning a foreign language is something we would most likely declare for every new year’s resolution. Here is a list of Best Language School in Kuala Lumpur to aid your goal into realization! Imagine going to a foreign country & blending in right with the locals; make your holiday this time different than before! 😉

  1. IMEC (International Malaysian Education Centre)

Based in Sri Kembangan, they offer a variety of English & Mandarin Language courses, such as Holiday Programs for Adults and IELTS prep. TOFEL courses are also available for aspiring teachers to teach students. Hostel fascility is provided for international students, and trip tours are planned to instill fellowship among our students.

imec.edu.my | FB: IMEC.EDU

  1. Erican Language School

Erican has been a household brand in language education and training for 2 decades with centres spread throughout all of Peninsular Malaysia. Providing up to date learning strategies and systems unique to Erican to all learners of the English language who aspire to achieve a decent level of proficiency within the shortest possible timeframe, whilst earning internationally-recognized certifications along the way. Programmes available include the International English Programme, Erican Young Learners, Cambridge English, and Business English. Erican has many branches throughout Peninsula Malaysia.

erican.edu.my | FB: Erican.Language.Centres

  1. The Language House (TLH)

The school has helped thousands of students develop language skills since its founding in 1990. TLH has distinguished itself as the first school in Malaysia to introduce intensive study courses. Now offering language training in ten languages, ranging from Japanese, Mandarin to German and Spanish. With highly trained and passionate teachers and over 45 different language courses on offer, TLH is synonymous with excellent language education.

languagehouse.edu.my | FB: The Language House

  1. Art of Learning (AOL)

Language in today’s society is important to communicate your needs & relay a message to one another. As our economic is booming, so is the rising demand of proefessionals to be well verse in multiple languages. Art of Learning School specialises in offering private tutor lessons to students based on the comfort of their home or their neighbourhood café to offer the convenience of studying while managing their busy schedule & lifestyle. Most suitable for working adults or others who are just looking for a change to study elsewhere than a classroom style. Languages offering are English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, German & Many More!


  1. Awesome English Language Centre

Located in the hearts of Wangsa Maju, Awesome English Language Center has been the pioneer team in the adoption of the Communicative Approach which has become widespread in English language instruction worldwide. Its effectiveness has been proven in delivering faster, better results and generating student interest. Gone are the days of boring, lecture-based English language classes. In a student-centered classroom, learners are encouraged to practice and apply what they are learning, with the objective of meeting real world outcomes. Their core syllabus focuses on Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing Skills. Awesome is proud to have experienced English teachers and English native speaking teachers (American and British) among its instructional staff. They conduct IELTS Preparation programs for its learners with an objective to enable them continue their higher education in any authenticated institutions and universities throughout Malaysia

awesome.edu.my | FB: awesome.elc

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