Singapore: Event; Singapore Drum Fest’s – Drum Off Singapore

Did you know that many music legends through the generations has actually been discovered through from music contests?

Here’s an opportunity for you aspiring drummers!

At Singapore Drum Fest’s Drum Off, they believe that Music is not a sport, however, the element of “reaching higher” during the preparations for a competition inevitably makes the contestant a better player of their instrument.

Be your very best in this year’s Drum Off & the person that you should be concerned about “beating” should be none other than yourself!

This is Singapore’s ultimate drumming competition and it will be an engaging platform for contestants to interact with other drummers from Singapore it also encourages the drummers to get their creative juices flowing, expose drummers to more drumming techniques as they take new ideas and make something different of their own.

Start preparing and


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February 21, 2017

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