Singapore: McDonald’s Ebi Burgers in Classic or Cereal is Back for a Limited Period (From 22 Sep 2016)


McDonald’s Ebi Burger in Classic or Cereal is Back! Along with the new Fish Dippers with Tartar Sauce


For a limited period from this Thursday, 22 Sep 2016, enjoy the best-selling Ebi Burger topped with shrimp paste flavoured sauce at all Mcdonald’s restaurants!


It will be served with Seaweed Shaker fries and you can also choose to have it along with the Honeydew McFlurry!


Enjoy the new Fish Dippers with tartar sauce as a side or on its own. These nuggets are made with quality Alaskan Pollock meat and coated with golden panko batter.


A La Carte Pricing

Ebi Burger $5.45

Fish Dippers with Tartar Sauce $4.60 for 6 pieces or $6.30 for 9 pieces

Honeydew McFlurry $2.90


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September 21, 2016

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