Singapore: New Japanese Taste in KFC!

A new change is in town and if you are a fried chicken foodie, don’t miss out on this!

KFC have claimed that fresh juicy fresh chicken are steeped in savoury shoyu marinade, then coated with crispy rice crackers and Japanese sansho pepper seaweed sprinkle.

That unique blend in taste is sure to make you go, “Oishiok!”

Moreover, they launch a new dessert of Vanilla Custard Puff that has creamy and smooth vanilla custard housed in a choux pastry that’s freshly baked to golden brown.

Sounds like an indulgence in every bite!

Offer now is buy 5 and get 1 FREE!!

**Do note for Allergens and Food Sensitivities information: Vanilla Custard Puff contains wheat, milk, soy, egg and gluten.


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March 15, 2017

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