Singapore: SWAT (Ride-Sharing App) – $5 Fares to ALL Destinations with Advance or Pre-Booking

$5 Fares to ALL DESTINATIONS for you?


SWAT is a locally developed on-demand ride-sharing app that charges commuters a flat fare of $5 no matter how far your ride is.

The technology allows the SWAT app to add new passengers into the route without affecting the estimated time of arrival for existing passengers onboard. Drivers do not have the option to accept or reject the ride as well which ensures maximum efficiency of routes, and for the better of commuters.

Download for iOS here!

*Coming soon to Android.



Points to Note

  1. You will need to book your ride at least 30 minutes in advance, or pre-book the night before by 10pm.
  2. You may need to walk a distance, no more than 300m to a pre-designated waiting area. This include bus stops, taxi stands and other landmarks.
  3. SWAT operates between 7am and 10am during weekdays only. It promises travelling time no more than 10 minutes longer than a taxi ride. You can really afford to take this ride to work everyday!
  4. It is a ride-sharing app thus you will be on your ride with others. A good opportunity to make new friends!
Limited Locations (for now)
  • Pick-Up and Drop-Offs currently limited to the North, Central and South of Singapore.
  • Ang Mo Kio to Kallang, Orchard, Raffles Place, and Tanjong Pagar and Marina South at the other end.



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September 28, 2016

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