What is the Makers’ Festival?

The festival contains over 30 different professional makers and over 35 different technology demos, workshops, and do-it-yourself activities, the Makers’ festival is a 3-part, many-tentacled extravaganza of creativity and interactivity.  The festival consists of the Makers’ Block (L1 Atrium), Makers’ Workshops (Throughout Mall) and the Makers’ Marketplace (B2).

Is all about hands-on, from old-school craftsmanship like leather crafting to mind-blogging technology like virtual reality, there’s plenty to set your thinking, get your making, and make you go ‘Hmmm…”, ‘Aha!’ and ‘Wowww!’.

There will be immersive, interactive, inspiring and great FUN for your friends and family! Come explore The Makers’ Festival that consists of the Makers’ Block (L1 Atrium), Makers’ Workshops (Throughout Mall) and the Makers’ Marketplace (B2).

Get a $10 Gift Card with The Makers’ Passport!
Be among the first 600 participants to complete any four workshops or walk-in activities by 30 October and receive a $10 The Centrepoint Gift Card. Collect The Makers Festival Passport at Customer Service (Level 3, 7 – 30 October) or at the reception at the Makers’ Block (Level 1 Atrium, 11 – 16 October) and receive a sticker from the makers after completing any workshop or activity to qualify. Present your completed passport at Customer Service Level 3 to exchange for a $10 The Centrepoint Gift Card.

The Makers’ Festival

Venue: The Centrepoint
Date: 7 Oct ~ 30 Oct 2016

For more detail, please refer to this link.

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